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Discount MOT Chichester

Through customer loyalty and amazing recommendations our business has thrived throughout the communities providing discount MOT services in Chichester, Arundel, Fontwell, Barnham, Yapton, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and many more.


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Tips on maintaining your car

Business wisdom suggests you have to spend money to make money, and in a way, the same philosophy applies to your car. Years of looking good and running well don’t...

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Vehicle Servicing Chichester

We specialise in providing the best manufacturer standard car servicing Chichester at discount rates. We have the expertise and experience to provide your vehicle with the highest possible quality servicing...

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Absolutely, not only will it save you money in fuel it will give you a reliable vehicle that won’t let you down. Even simple things like over inflated or under inflated tyres will impact running costs.

If you get a puncture you might be able to get it repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new tyre if the puncture is in the main tread area and you stopped quickly without overheating the deflated tyre.

British standard BS AU159 sets out the rules for repairs to car tyres. It defines the type of damage that can be repaired and the way that repairs should be carried out.

Most of the time this can be done however we are extremely busy and would prefer our customers to pre-book using our appointments form shown at the top of our website.

At Discount MOT Services we aim to please all our customer by not charging a re-test fee. Of course this is an offer only open to those customers who require any work to be carried out by us.

You can rest assured that all our work is carried out by highly qualified long term experienced technicians who use only the best quality parts recommended by your vehicles manufacturers, but we don’t charge the main dealer prices!

For those who prefer a cheaper alternative due to a vehicles age then we have suitable options for these.

Maintaining your vehicle’s tyres is not only essential to getting better petrol mileage, but it is also crucial to ensuring safety on the road. To maximize tyre life, We strongly recommend checking tyre conditions and pressure regularly, and there is no better time to start than today. “It takes only five minutes to check tyre inflation, including the spare tyre in the boot if you have one. Since tyres effect a vehicle’s ride, handling and traction, checking tyre pressure will save you money.
Modern cars are filled with electronics and packed with sensors to monitor both how your vehicle is behaving and to make motoring life easier. But when something does go wrong, it can be difficult to work out what that warning light on your dashboard is trying to tell you. It’s important to know what the car dashboard warning lights actually mean, though, not least because they can pre-empt a car breakdown or full-on failure, potentially saving you from an expensive repair bill and meaning you stay safer on the road.
Whatever the time of day when you get into your vehicle, turn the key and nothing happens! Dread fills our minds. Firstly we think the car battery is dead, but not always a quick bump start will cure. It’s important to know why it died, was it the starter motor not charging whilst driving, or a loose wire somewhere. Whatever the reason, regular servicing with Discount MOT Service will reduce the possibility of your vehicle failing when you need it most.
This is never a good sign, especially when you have lots of black smoke whilst accelerating away. Not only is it bad for the environment but it’s telling you there is a serious problem with your cars engine. Continued use of the car will most definitely make matters worst because your vehicle is burning oil. First pull over and check your cars oil level, if it’s low DO NOT carry on. If you are carrying oil, top it up and bring it straight to us.

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