Cylinder Head Repairs Arundel

Cracked and Damaged Cylinder Heads

With more than 30 years experience of reconditioning cylinder heads in Arundel, Chichester & West Sussex, we can advise you on the best way to get your cylinder head repaired. Whether to recondition, repair the Cylinder head or to replace it with new or a re-manufactured head.

A worn out or damaged cylinder head can normally be rebuilt. This always depends on the amount of cyclinder-head distoration. Machining could bring the head surface back to normal and reconditioned – the valve seats and guides will be need to be reconditioned also.

If your cylinder head is worn out, a number of problems may become apparent. The Valve collets, camshaft rocker arms and guides could become quite noisy. Valve seals and valve covers may start leaking and valve springs may weaken. You will find the engine loses compression ( Power ) when you have problems in the valve train as the valves leak.

Cylinder head cracking appears to be occurring more frequently as manufacturers use mixed metals in engine assembly. The most usual cause of cylinder-heads cracking is an overheating engine and is compounded when motorist pour cool water into the engine which cause a thermal stress and head cracking.

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