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Engine Tuning Arundel

Engine Tuning

We provide Engine Tuning Arundel, Chichester, Bognor Regis, and surrounding area’s.

Crytpton Tuning

Our Crypton Tuning systems are always of the latest technologies used on todays vehicles.

Lost Power

Has your engine lost it’s power? Don’t worry as we will have the solution to make it purr.

What is Engine Tuning really?

For many people a tuned car is simply one which runs at peak efficiency which would be achieved by a full service and adjustment to factory specifications.

For others the aim is to get their vehicle running and performing better than originally intended. Due to the conservative settings used by manufacturers and low cost manufacturing methods, there are lots of methods for improving your engine.

These methods can also be used to maximise economy by pushing the engine into its most efficient range. The Crypton tuning machine is used to run a diagnostic check on older vehicles to show up faults

Two major misconceptions with this machine are 1) that it tunes your engine and 2) that it does a better job than any decent mechanic with decent tools. Crypton is the brand name of the company who made the diagnostic equipment.

A crypton is an oxometer a machine for calibrating. Most modern cars benefit little as the engine management system keeps the engine in optimum running conditions, the ECU also senses the way a particular driver drives the car its called adaptive running the ECU will adapt to a particular driving style.

Engine Tuning Arundel

Our customers needs will always come first

Diagnostic Reports

If requested we can print out a full diagnostic report on your engines current performance.

Repair Quote

Work required will be detailed in your written quotation so there is no surprises.

Customer Service

Our customers are our number one priority, we will always go that extra mile.

Our Guarantee

Relax in the knowledge of our parts and labour guarantee for 12 months on all our work.

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